Blastifieds launches first student-to-student online marketplace at CNU

Posted by: updated on Mar. 25, 2018

Blastifieds is excited to announce the launch of the first known student-to-student online marketplace, starting at CNU (Christopher Newport University, located in Newport News, VA).

CNU was chosen first, amongst all U.S. colleges and universities, as it posts an attractively large student base with 4,000+ full-time students and its commitment to academic excellence. The university offers the perfect sized community to test out Blastifieds "on-campus" network.

Since Blastifieds is located just outside of Williamsburg, VA and has local alumni ties to CNU, the decision to launch at CNU first was an easy one.

Over the past six months, Blastifieds has concentrated on making their website hyper-local. This meant that the website needed to be easy to do business with others in the same general vicinity, like a school, college, or small town.

Blastifieds initially launched its website, last year. Since then, their development team has made small tweaks based off of user feedback, including an "on-campus" component just for students, which is starting with CNU.

We spoke with Andy Riley, a 2000 CNU grad and Founder and Developer of Blastifieds. He stated, "Typically as humans, we like doing business with people we know something about. It helps lead to an increase in trust. If you know the person you're doing business with attends your same school or lives in your same general vicinity, this automatically provides a connection with that person. Now that you know a little something about that person, that trust goes up... which is a huge part of human relationships."

Another important tool Blastifieds has begun investing in, is the ability to facilitate trades online. Trading in general dates way back to the beginning of time. Unfortunately though, trading slowly falls to the wayside to using cash in the economy.

Think back as a kid, there were always "school-yard trades" that would happen. As you progressed through school though, trading tended to decrease the older you got. With Blastifieds, we hope to change that. Here, you can list items to sell, and if you don't receive an acceptable offer you can just hold off to see what kind of trade deals you get.

People are always looking to "trade-up" and Blastifieds may just be just the platform to help you get started doing so.

Check out what your fellow CNU students are selling...

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