Are you new to Blastifieds! We welcome all newbies! We're a new weekly, person-to-person, online marketplace that makes advertising items that you no longer want or need... easy, fun, and exciting. Remember ebay back in the day? They were fun, unique, and you got results. Nowadays though, all you hear about are the fees to list on ebay, along with the high number of "mega-store" ads that move all of the "regulars" ads down to the bottom of the page.

Here at Blastifieds though, we want to bring back the excitement! We want to bring back the killer deals!

...and we don't think you have to be up at all hours of the night monitoring an auction for when it finally closes. With Blastifieds, simply find something you want, place an offer, and then wait until the weekend to find out if the Seller has accepted your offer. It's that easy!

Got free time? Make it into a part-time job and earn BIG!

Have fun each weekend on Blastifieds by selling items you no longer want and by finding new and unique items that you need!

Blastifieds On-campus Marketplace

Get your ad in by Friday of each week, to start receiving offers by this weekend!

That's right, each weekend, starting on Friday's (i.e., "BlastFriday"), your ad will appear on Blastifieds in your area, where we highlight our top ads of the week.

Track your ad's statistics

YES! Finally, your Social Media influence pays off...

Okay, we know you probably 'get' Social Media by now and know how to get great results out of it. That's why combining a quick blurb on your social profile and linking to either your ad or our 'Weekend Blasts' for your area will help your ad's views and offers, well, blast-off.

Want to take a stand and be part of something new? A better way to sell online? Give Blastifieds a try... Avoid those ebay fees. Learn more about Blastifieds...

Track your ad's statistics

Track how well your ad is performing...

Advertising your items for sale can be fun, especially when you're making money on your own and you start seeing the number of views and offers piling up.

Your first 5 Ads each week are FREE

Each week, you get 5 Free Ads

That's right, Blastifieds actually wants you here and to prove it, we'll credit your account with 5 Free Ads Each Week. After that, each ad is only $2.50 (for our PLUS Ad) or $3.50 for a FEATURED Ad).

Get started on Blastifieds today...

No Additional ebay-style fees

No additional ebay-style fees...

You no longer have to keep a calculator nearby to tally up all the fees you'll be charged, as you may be used to doing when you sell on eBay. No Final Selling Price Fee. No Additional Photos Fee. No Insertion Fee...

No Additional ebay-style fees

We don't take sides...

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we don't take sides. On Blastifieds, Buyers can receive negative feedback, just like Sellers can. We hope all transactions go smoothly on Blastifieds. But we also know that it's important to not have a perceived side that we take.